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New Era Converting Machinery Inc. Retains Next Step Communications Inc. for PR, Marketing Support

Kittery Point, ME (October 8, 2014) New Era Converting Machinery Inc. of Paterson, NJ has retained Next Step Communications Inc. for PR and marketing support. Effective immediately, Next Step is working to provide public relations and other marketing communications support to New Era, a converting industry leader in a wide range of machinery and equipment. …Read More

News: NewEraConverting.com, Redesigned

We’ve updated our look! To adapt to the ever-changing web landscape, we’ve given our site a shiny new facelift. We hope you’ll find the new site more visually accommodating, as well as easier to navigate on computers and hand-held devices alike. Please enjoy the new site as it is now, and check back as new …Read More

Unwind/Winder Test Stand

In an ever-changing marketplace, new materials and products are constantly being developed. The handling of these webs is a continuous challenge. In particular, the ability to cut, splice, and transfer these webs requires rigorous testing. New Era is committed to working with customers to deliver the latest technology available. Our Unwind/Winder Test Stand is designed …Read More

High Speed Process & Analysis

The use of our digital high speed camera allows invaluable information, otherwise unseen, to be captured for analysis. This technology makes troubleshooting and start-ups go much more smoothly and quickly. New Era utilizes innovative technology like our high speed camera, enabling us to stay one step ahead of our competition.


New Era’s mechanical service team is comprised of several skilled machinists and laborers available to help with virtually any mechanical dilemma which you may encounter. Our personnel is equipped to perform optical alignment services, equipment retrofits and complete mechanical installations. Our mechanics are usually available within 24 hours anywhere in the world.

Pilot Line Facilities

At New Era, we’ve made a commitment to aid our customers in testing their new products in order to develop and integrate the latest technology into their processes. Our Pilot Line Facility is designed to allow testing of webs under a variety of coating, drying, and laminating conditions. The facility includes the following capabilities: General …Read More

Turnkey Services

New Era strives to provide its customers with top notch turnkey services. We understand how important it is to get your equipment up and running in a timely, yet orderly fashion. Included in this are the following Services: • Installation Engineering • Freight • Turnkey Installation • Start Up Services New Era provides a technical …Read More

Remote Diagnostics

In our effort to reduce downtime for our customers, we have been utilizing remote diagnostics systems on our equipment lines for several years now. Typically our diagnostics systems allow monitoring and programming of the drives, PLC, touchscreens, and Wonderware from a dedicated computer workstation and from a remote location (New Era Converting Machinery’s facility). The …Read More


New Era’s electrical service team is comprised of licensed electricians and field service technicians available 24/7. Our technicians are skilled in trouble shooting and also possess excellent knowledge of the equipment mechanics, allowing for reduced time in problem solving. Among other tools available to our technicians, our digital high speed camera allows invaluable information, otherwise …Read More


Flame Laminators New Era offers a full line of purpose built flame laminating units. These systems are available in two ply and multiple ply configurations and can be provided to meet your web width needs. Festooners Customer’s often have special needs which require specially designed equipment. These boxing/festooning systems allow a customer to feed and …Read More

Narrow Web

Systems New Era’s experienced staff understands what is required to provide a complete system designed to meet the special needs of processing narrow webs. We can help you in all stages of the acquisition, from the process development through turnkey installation. Unwinds/Winders New Era designs a wide variety of narrow width cantilevered unwind and winders. …Read More