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Lab Trials Win New Era Converting Machinery Inc. Business With Velcro Industries

Paterson, NJ (December 9, 2014) . . . Velcro Industries is the original and premier global manufacturer and innovator of hook and loop fasteners. What began as a novel invention in the 1940s has grown into a household name with over 400 active patents and over 200 trademark registrations in over 150 countries worldwide. Their products are used for applications across an extensive variety of industries including packaging, medical, apparel, agriculture, industrial cleaning, transportation, athletics, and military.

Velcro ImageFor a new application, Velcro Industries was presented with a challenge and needed to identify a converter that could meet their needs. “The foremost challenge we faced with this project was identifying converting specialists with specialized coating experience,” says Joe Anderson, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Velcro Industries. “Our product is like no other due to its loose woven nature, narrow web widths and the requirement to coat multiple adhesive varieties in a single line.” To find a converting company that could meet their needs, they attended the ICE USA 2013 show. It was there that the project group first connected with New Era Converting.

After connecting at the show, the two companies began the quotation and proposal phase of the process, which allowed New Era’s exceptional customer service to shine. “The proposal involved innovative thinking to overcome the challenges in multiple areas of the machine, the two greatest being automated material unwinding and flexibility in coating methods,” says Anderson. “New Era had rapid responses to our requests for information related to machine concepts and cost.”

Once a conceptual design was developed, the testing phase began. New Era ran three multi-day trials utilizing a variety of coating methods, and the trials paid off: they resulted in a 30% reduction of the required coating weight for their existing products. “New Era has a great deal of process and web handling knowledge,” says Paul Lembo, Vice President at New Era. “The combination of these enabled Velcro Industries to try a variety of new coating techniques, including some hybrids which we felt could be a nice fit given their unique application.”

The end result was a narrow web coating/drying line, fed by a custom multi-spindle unwind system designed to automatically splice unwind rolls every 2-3 minutes. The trials led directly to the choice of coating method, which is modular in design to allow future flexibility given the customer’s wide range of substrates and coatings. The new system had been proven out through New Era’s extensive tests, and the equipment is currently on order with Velcro Industries’ approval for the design. Fabrication of the new equipment will commence in the coming weeks.

“It’s been a great process from start to finish,” says Lembo. “From connecting with them at a trade show, to our people doing a wonderful job being responsive and competitive, to our engineers proving once again that we are at the cutting edge of the converting industry through extensive lab trials, we are really proud of this entire project and pleased to be working with a well respected company like Velcro Industries.”


About New Era Converting Machinery Inc.

New Era is a global enterprise focused on providing custom designed equipment solutions for the web handling industry.  With more than 60 years experience, we can apply our engineered solutions to provide you with web handling equipment tailored to your converting needs.  We have a great deal of experience with coating, laminating, calendering and drying systems for a wide variety of environments and our customer base spans most industries which handle materials in a roll to roll fashion.  Learn more about New Era’s capabilities on our website www.neweraconverting.com or follow us on twitter @webconverting.

About VELCRO® Brand

Velcro Industries together comprise a technology-driven, global organization providing fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways for businesses and consumers around the world. With more than 50 years of experience, Velcro Industries is proud of their heritage in innovation. Velcro Industries B.V. owns over 400 active patents and numerous trademarks, including the VELCRO® mark which is registered throughout the world. Velcro Industries offer global resources for world-class solutions, with manufacturing locations in Spain, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China and sales offices around the world. “Like” VELCRO® Brand on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/velcrobrand for more information.