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Specialty Coaters

Specialty Coaters

There are many other coater configurations that have been developed to meet a wide variety of coating applications. Many of these are either hybrids, variations or combinations of the previously described coaters. One such example is a dip and squeeze coater which in its simplest form is similar in design to the kiss coater except that the web passes beneath the roll where it is dipped into the coating being held in the pan, then through a set of squeeze rollers. Like the kiss coater, it is typical that a metering device/system such as a mayer rod, notch bar or smoothing bar follows the application of the coating. Another example is a coater that uses a die to feed a coating to the surface of an applicator roll, which then transfers the coating to the web. Still another example is commonly referred to as a Levelon Coater which can be considered a combination of kiss and reverse roll coating, where the coating is applied to the web by a kiss roll and is then metered off as the web passes between a backing roll and a reverse running metering roll.

Another type of specialty coater is a spray coater, which is particularly effective for low solids coatings being applied to irregular substrates.   Mayer Rod coating can be implemented on a number of other primary coating techniques in order to affect the coating post application.  Similarly, a comma bar coater can be used in the same fashion.  These are just a few of the numerous specialty or hybrid coating methods which may lend themselves to a particular coating operation.

Kiss Coating

Mayer Rod Coating

Squeeze Roll Coating

Saturation Coating

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