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Laminators, Embossers, and Calenders

Calendering Equipment

Calendering Equipment

Look to New Era to provide you with a calender designed to meet your process requirements. With experience in a wide variety of applications, our experts have the knowledge you can rely on when developing your process.  Our calender equipment is custom engineered to meet your process requirements and our experience with a wide variety of systems goes into the design of every calender we provide.  New Era can design a system around your temperature, pressure and width requirements.  In addition to building complete calender production lines and calender trains, New Era also builds stand alone calenders for integration to an existing web line or the downstream end of a new process.  Our calender systems incorporate a wide variety of features, such as load cells for nip pressure readout, thermally controlled process rollers  and preheating/post cooling systems.  Additionally, we can incorporate a number of differnt methods to counteract deflection, such as crowned rolls, roll skewing and roll bending.  We can also utilize a downstream thickness gauge system for automatic, closed loop control of line speeds, gap settings and pressures.   With regard to preheating of the incoming materials should it be required, we have utilized infrared heaters, hot oil, hot water or electrically heated rollers and even hot air to bring the materials up to temperature prior to calendering.  Following the calender nip, we have utilized cooling rolls, cooling plates and air flow to bring the web down to a suitable temperature prior to the next step in the process.   Whatever your process requirements are for calendering, ranging from narrow web pilot scale equipment to wide web production lines, our experience can provide a purpose built solution.


Web widths

Up to 20′ wide

Roll heating/cooling

Water, Oil, Electric

Nip pressures

Up to 2500 PLI