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Web Converting Systems

Battery Roll to Roll Equipment

Battery Roll to Roll Equipment

New Era defines itself as a leading converting machinery manufacturer in the battery space due to its vast experience with a wide range of materials which are used in energy storage.  Our web handling experience with nearly any material which can be handled in roll-to-roll format has provided the tools for New Era to be competitive in several market segments, all parts of which are important to battery production.  New Era designs and manufactures pilot and production equipment for roll to roll anode and cathode coating, separator materials and vibration dampening/thermal foams such as polyurethane and silicone.  Our vast experience in coating, laminating, calendering and general web handling has positioned us well to be a major player in all of these areas of energy storage component materials.  

Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane Foam Winding

New Era provides turnkey solutions for a wide variety of roll to roll energy storage coating and drying machines for battery electrode coated products.  Typically our customers needs in terms of production are highly specialized, allowing our team of engineers and our process specialists to add significant value as we develop a machine purpose built for the application.   

Simultaneous Two Side Roll to Roll Electrode Coating Line
Simultaneous Two Side Roll to Roll Electrode Coating Line

Our years of web handling and coating experience, in conjunction with our roll to roll pilot coating and drying facility, allow us to provide a single source solution, covering all aspects of a new production line.  Our process group has implemented simultaneous dual side coating for both horizontal and vertical drying applications, all driven by a customers specific needs, substrates and coating rheology.  Our customer’s often have the need for highly specialized web processing lines that require a great degree of customization. New Era’s staff has the experience and expertise to work with the customer in developing and implementing the process required to meet their needs.  Our typical scope of supply for anode and cathode coating lines can include any or all of the equipment and services below: