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Drive & Control Systems

Supervisory Systems

Supervisory Systems

Maximum connectivity

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are PC based technology that bring an enhanced layer of control, connectivity, and data analysis to industrial equipment.  SCADA systems can be used to provide graphical user interfaces for operators, similar to HMI’s, but SCADA systems can also do so much more.  They typically offer enhanced recipe capabilities, historical data collection, and connectivity to office infrastructure such as Plant Wide ERP and MES systems.

SCADA Recipes can be maintained from the office and integrated with other systems allowing backups of data, creation of a recipe approval process, coordination of recipes across multiple pieces of equipment, and integration of recipe selection with ERP and/or MES systems.

SCADA Historians record machine data in real-time for a variety of analytical and reporting purposes.  Some applications of Historians include being used for Quality Assurance, to troubleshoot the root cause of a failure, to determine the start time of an issue, to evaluate Key Performance Indicators, to track production data, and to monitor changes over time in order to predict possible issue.

Plant wide integration.  SCADA systems offer connectivity to other software applications allowing for Plant Wide connectivity.  For example, all production floor data can be stored in a single database for easy analysis. (Individual production line reports, shift reports, department reports, etc.)  Recipes can be mandated based on today’s scheduled production from an ERP system.  And information can be exchanged with an MES system to track materials consumption and product manufactured.

Whatever your needs, the New Era Drive and Controls team will work with you to find the best supervisory system available for your specific needs. We are familiar with a wide variety of SCADA solutions.  Check out the list of our more frequently used industry providers below.