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At New Era, we’ve made a commitment to aid our customers in testing their new products in order to develop and integrate the latest technology into their processes. Our Pilot Line Facility is designed to allow testing of webs under a variety of coating, drying, and laminating conditions. The facility includes the following capabilities: General …

In an ever-changing marketplace, new materials and products are constantly being developed. The handling of these webs is a continuous challenge. In particular, the ability to cut, splice, and transfer these webs requires rigorous testing. New Era is committed to working with customers to deliver the latest technology available. Our Unwind/Winder Test Stand is designed …

The use of our digital high speed camera allows invaluable information, otherwise unseen, to be captured for analysis. This technology makes troubleshooting and start-ups go much more smoothly and quickly. New Era utilizes innovative technology like our high speed camera, enabling us to stay one step ahead of our competition.