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Laminators, Embossers, and Calenders

Laminating Equipment

Laminating Equipment

New Era can provide you with a laminating system engineered around your pressure, temperature and width requirements, all dependent on your substrates and product configuration.   From low pressure, narrow width, ambient temperature nips to high pressure, high temperature, wide width applications, New Era can provided you with the proper equipment for your application.  In addition to building complete laminating production lines, New Era will also build a stand alone laminating system for integration to an existing web line or process.  Our laminating systems incorporate a wide variety of features, such as sleeved rubber rolls, load cells for nip pressure readout, precision gap adjustment assemblies and preheating/post cooling systems.  With regard to preheating, we have utilized infrared heaters, hot oil, hot water or electrically heated rollers and even hot air to bring multiple substrates up to temperature prior to lamination.  Post lamination, we have utilized cooling rolls, cooling plates and air flow to bring the web down to a suitable temperature prior to the next step in the process.   Adjustable inlet and outlet span idler rolls can be provided to vary wrap on the laminating rolls, both pre and post lamination.  These rolls can be simple idler rolls or one of a variety of different spreader rolls types, all selected based on the process requirements.  A number of different techniques can be used to counteract roll deflection, including crowned rolls and nip backup rollers which are particularly effective where the process requires small diameter nip rollers for a small nip impression.   See a factory acceptance test of a thermal lamination line in the video below:


Web widths

Up to 20′ wide

Line speeds

Up to 3000 FPM

Roll heating/cooling 

Water, Oil, Electric

Nip pressures

Up to 500 PLI