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Web Converting Systems

Reflective film embossing and laminating lines

Reflective Film Embossing and Laminating Lines

Web processing equipment for reflective films combines a variety of converting processes in order to product high optical quality films for use in demanding applications.  In many applications, multiple input films are conveyed under automatic tension control to a thermal lamination and embossing station where they are transformed into a multi-layer structure which contains all of the properties which were intended from embossing the films.  While typically performed at slow operating speeds, these processes are demanding as there must be uniform tensions, laminating temperatures and accurate nip pressures to produce high quality films.  This equipment, as well as all of its related subsystems (heating/cooling temperature control units, hydraulic power units, etc) are supplied as a fully integrated system.  Many times this is all done in a clean room operating environment to reduce contaminates to the final product structure.