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New Era manufactures a wide variety of web coating equipment, including gravure, offset gravure, differential offset gravure, slot die, reverse roll, knife over roll (KOR), dip and squeeze, mayer rod, spray, slide and five roll coaters to name a few. Every coater we build is purpose designed for our customers’ exact process conditions. Our coater designs range from standard construction with manual adjustment to fully automatic, closed loop systems controlled real time by online thickness gauging systems. These closed loop systems can control coater pump speeds, roll speeds and gap profiles utilizing servo positioned gap controls.  Our designs cover a wide range of line speeds (from inches per minute to upwards of 3000 feet per minute) and web widths (a few inches wide up to 20 feet wide).  New Era fabricates coating machinery for water based, solvent and hot melt processes and we have the ability to trial most coatings on our pilot line.