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automatic butt splice unwind

Automatic Butt Splice Unwind

Lap-Less Splice (LLS) Patent pending

The LLS (Lap-Less Splice) Unwind is designed to provide a fully automatic, Lap-Less Splice between the end of an expiring roll and the leading edge of a new roll. The resulting splice is functionally identical to a traditional butt splice.  The system is suitable for use on a wide range of materials and can operate at speeds in excess of 1,000 fpm without the need for slowing or accumulating the web. The system provides a splice with tape on both sides of the web and can be used on any material which can be cut with a rupture or shear style knife.

As with all of our unwinds, the LLS butt splice unwind is provided with automatic tension control and diameter calculation, and can also incorporate features such as shaft-less chucking of varying web widths and automatic guiding.  Our unwind systems are purpose built for the application and can be cantilever in design for narrow webs, cantilever with an outboard support for wider, heavier bundles which require cantilever unwind and loading, or dual side support for web applications up to 20 feet wide.