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Turret Unwinds

Turret Unwinds

New Era builds a wide variety of turret unwinding equipment, all of which can incorporate a large number of features. Our manual cut and splice turrets feature a range of different splice table setups to allow lap splicing, butt splicing or zero tail lap splices. These units can be incorporated with accumulators so as not to stop the process while splices are being made. Additionally, we can automate the splice sequence to facilitate the making of both lap and butt splices at zero speed. Our more sophisticated systems offer fully automatic flying splice technology at line speeds up to 3000 feet per minute. We can optimize these systems to your process to ensure minimal web length remaining on butt rolls as well as minimize tail lengths on lap splices. Additionally we can offer tail tape-down on our lap splices to eliminate the concern of a tail being a detriment in downstream processes.  Our unwinds can incorporate a variety of cutting knife technologies, allowing us to optimize the knife technology to your substrates. Each automatic turret unwind comes pre-programmed with fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes of operation. All of our turret unwinds are provided with automatic tension control and diameter calculation, and can also incorporate features such as shaft-less chucking of varying web widths, new roll edge alignment, automatic guiding, built in pull rolls and tool-less changeover of unwinding modes.  

Our unwind systems are purpose built for the application and can be cantilever in design for narrow webs, cantilever with an outboard support for wider, heavier bundles which require cantilever unwind and loading, or dual side support for web applications up to 20 feet wide.  See a high speed, heavy duty turret unwind installation and customer testimonial from Evergreen Packaging in the video below.

Evergreen Packaging Testimonial

High Speed Turret Unwind Splice