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Pilot Line Facilities

At New Era, we’ve made a commitment to aid our customers in testing their new products in order to develop and integrate the latest technology into their processes.  Our Pilot Line Facility is designed to allow testing of webs under a variety of coating, drying, and laminating conditions. The facility includes the following capabilities:

General Specifications:
Maximum Web Width = 24″
Process Speeds = 5-1000 fpm
Maximum Roll Diameter = 30″ / 3″ or 6″ cores

Coating Capabilities:
Solvent Based, Aqueous, 100% Solids

Coating Methodologies:
Direct / Reverse Gravure
Differential / Reverse Offset Gravure
Forward / Reverse Roll Coating
Knife over Roll
Kiss Coat with Post Application Metering
Die Coating
Spray Coating
Dip Coating
4 or 5 Roll Transfer Roll Coating

Drying / Curing Capabilities:
24′, 3 Zone, Gas Fired, Air Floatation, Dryer
Maximum Temperature 500 Degrees Fahrenheit
Multiple Nozzle Configuration
UV Curing Lamps

Laminating Capabilities:
Wet and Dry Bond Lamination
Temperature Controlled Laminating Roll

Web Transport Capabilities:
Servo Drives for Maximum Flexibility in Process Speed and Tension Control
Web Tension Control .1 to 2.0 PLI

Automatic Edge Guide at Unwind / Winder and Dryer Exit

 The Pilot Line’s state of the art drive and control system allows for maximized flexibility of the system. Its modular coater allows for reconfiguration in order to facilitate custom applications in addition to those listed above. Our experienced Process Technicians are available to assist in all aspects of the trials.