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web converting

Our Story

New Era is a global enterprise focused on providing custom designed equipment solutions for the web handling industry.  With decades of industry experience, we can apply our engineered solutions to provide you with web handling equipment tailored to your converting needs.  We have a great deal of experience with coating, laminating, calendering and drying systems for a wide variety of environments and our customer base spans most industries which handle materials in a roll to roll fashion.

Global Presence

With installations in over 20 countries worldwide, our staff is well equipped to handle projects for CE, UL/CUL, CSA and other local standards.  Turnkey installation and startup support is available around the globe and our service  group is available onsite or through remote access features provided with all our equipment.  Our sales team is represented across North America and also includes dedicated personnel in Europe and Asia.  


Markets Served

Optical Film Conveyance and Coating Market

Optical Materials

Coating, laminating and embossing of opaque, translucent, transparent and reflective films and flexible glass

Medical Market


Coating and laminating equipment for dispersions and reactive chemistries for making transdermal patches, tapes, personal care products, packaging and first aid dressings

Adhesive Coating Market


Solvent, water or hot melt based PSA's for the tape and label industry

Battery Coating Market


Custom equipment solutions for battery, fuel cell, photovoltaic, capacitors, flexible electronics, RFID, lighting and separation membranes

Aerospace Market


Equipment for the production of advanced aerospace interior & exterior materials including carbon fiber products

Automotive Market

Automotive & Traffic

Coating, laminating and embossing equipment for the fabrication of automotive products & reflective films for traffic management

Packaging Market


Machinery for a wide variety of packaging products used in protection, containment, security and marketing

Graphics Market


Coating systems for anti-reflective and glare dispersions, printing primers, inks for commercial graphics, coated textiles & digitally printed materials

Water Filtration Market


Equipment lines for the production of air or water filtration media, medical filtration products and purification membranes

Construction Market


A wide array of equipment for the production of window films, roofing materials, insulation, flooring and a range of other building materials

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