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Slot Die Coaters

Slot Die Coaters

Slot die coating enables even distribution of a pre-metered coating to be applied to a substrate. In many cases a slot die can increase production speeds and improve coat weight control. The slot die is used in conjunction with a rubber or precision steel backing roll to apply coating to the substrate. Our precision die positioners can allow for a wide array of flexibility with regard to die setup, including die to roll gap, die angle of attack adjustment as well as die position with relation to the backing roll. A slot die can be used to apply coating directly to a supported or unsupported substrate, to a transfer roll or in a curtain configuration. Slot dies can be used when coating aqueous, solvent based and hot melt coatings and can apply coatings from a range of 5 microns thick (wet) up to 50 mils. In conjunction with the solution delivery system, slot dies can be used for patch coating as is common in the battery and energy industry. In addition to patch coating, shims can be used to allow for lane coating. With a wide viscosity and speed range, excellent temperature control and coating thickness accuracy, slot die coaters are an extremely effective coating method for many processes.


Speed (maximum)

~3000 FPM

~915 MPM

Coating Thickness (wet)

0.0002 – 0.050″

5 – 1270 µm

Viscosity Range

1 – 500,000 cps

0.001 – 500 Pa s