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Remote Diagnostics

In our effort to reduce downtime for our customers, we have been utilizing remote diagnostics systems on our equipment lines for several years now.

Typically our diagnostics systems allow monitoring and programming of the drives, PLC, touchscreens, and Wonderware from a dedicated computer workstation and from a remote location (New Era Converting Machinery’s facility). The computer/workstation will have a broadband port programmed to accept a connection from the New Era facility that will allow New Era to monitor and make programming changes to the above devices.

During the startup of the line at your facility, the system is set up and tested. Your employees are trained on how the system will function and what the capabilities of the system are.

Once the system is installed New Era Converting Machinery will maintain personnel available at our facility during normal business hours. The personnel will have access to a work station at New Era that is dedicated for the purpose of remotely accessing control systems at our customer’s facilities. The work station is also equipped with access to vendor documentation, schematics and software that is associated with the control systems engineered by New Era. Security features insure that only authorized New Era personnel will be able to access the system, and will only be able to connect to your equipment at your discretion.