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Laminators, Embossers, and Calenders

Laminating Equipment

New Era can provide you with a laminating system engineered around your pressure, temperature, width and configuration requirements. From low pressure, narrow width, ambient temperature nips to high pressure, high temperature, wide width applications, New Era can provided you with the proper equipment for your application.

Embossing Equipment

New Era embossing equipment is custom engineered to meet your process requirements. Our experience with a wide variety of embossing methods and processes goes into the design of every embossing system we provide.

Calendering Equipment

Look to New Era to provide you with a calendering designed to meet your process requirements. With experience in a wide variety of applications, our experts have the knowledge you can rely on when developing your process.

Specialty Equipment

New Era takes great pride in engineering a solution for your specific web handling needs. Whether you are simply combining two webs, or doing a multi-layer, high temperature and pressure embossed lamination, New Era will provide you with equipment you can rely on.

Cleanroom Equipment

New Era takes great care in the design of its clean room laminators and embosser, to both minimize the number of debris generating components on the equipment as well as shroud any moving components under enclosures. This leaves a clean configuration between the frames, with all machine members being of nickel plated or stainless steel construction.