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Single Position Winders

Single Position Winders

For customers operating roll to roll, New Era offers single position rewind equipment. These units can be incorporated with accumulators so as not to stop the process while transfers are being made. All of our single position winders are provided with automatic tension control and diameter calculation, and can also incorporate features such as shaft-less chucking of varying web widths, differential winding, pack winding and gap winding, automatic guiding and built in pull rolls.  As with all of our equipment, cantilevered designs can be incorporated for narrow width systems or designs where cantilever loading and unloading is beneficial to the process, even at wider widths.  


Web widths

0.5″ – 240″

Line speeds

0.25 – 3000 FPM

Roll weights

Up to 20,000 Lbs

Roll diameters

Up to 80″