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Lap-Less (Butt) Splice Provided By New Era’s Patent Pending LLS Unwind

Paterson, NJ (August 13, 2018) . . .New Era introduces its patent pending LLS (Lap-Less Splice) Unwind that is designed to provide a fully automatic, Lap-Less Splice between the end of an expiring roll and the leading edge of a new roll. The system is suitable for use on a wide range of materials and can operate at speeds in excess of 1,000 fpm without the need for slowing or accumulating the web. The system provides a splice with tape on both sides of the web and can be used on any material which can be cut with a rupture style knife. “The ability to provide a splice which is functionally identical to a butt splice, without the need for an accumulator, is a game changer for our industry,” says Bob Pasquale, President of New Era Converting Machinery, Inc. “The LLS Unwind allows for the formation of a lap-less splice at high speeds without the need for slowing or stopping the web and without the need for operator intervention.”

Traditional Automatic Flying Splice Unwinds provide a lap splice with a piece of double sided tape being sandwiched between two layers of web as shown below:Depending on your materials or process, a traditional lap-splice can be detrimental, with the uncontrolled tail and the double layer of web material resulting in scrap, damaged rolls of wound material, downtime or even equipment damage. Though these issues can usually be addressed by utilizing a butt splice, the systems used to provide this type of splice can only do so at zero speed or with the use of an accumulator.

For the reasons above, New Era set out to fill an industry need, and the LLS Unwind does just that. The LLS system creates and on-the-fly splice with no overlap of the web, no free tail, no exposed adhesive from the splice tape and is done at full line speed without an accumulator. The result is a splice which functions the same as a butt splice, but without all the equipment and process drawbacks outlined above.New Era can offer the LLS Unwind solution as part of a new web line, or for integration into an existing web line. As part of the technology, New Era has developed a test center which can run at up to 80” wide and 1,000 FPM to demonstrate the LLS Unwinds viability for each specific client’s materials and process speeds, providing a level of comfort for those integrating the LLS into an existing operation or utilizing the LLS for the first time.

To learn more about the LLS Unwind, please contact New Era directly at 201.670.4848 or info@neweraconverting.com.