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New Era Converting Machinery Inc. Launches New and Improved Website

New Era Converting Machinery Inc. has recently launched a new, completely redesigned website at their same web address:  www.neweraconverting.com.  With the development and design help of the team at CrystalCore.net, they have created an attractive, user-friendly, and modern site that contains expanded and more easily accessible technical information on the company’s complete line of converting equipment, services, and cutting edge technology.

“A lot of hard work went into overhauling the website, and we are really proud of the end result,” said Paul Lembo, Executive Vice President of New Era Converting Machinery. “As the first thing many people see when looking for information on us, we needed something more reflective of our company and this new design really hits that mark.”

The redesigned site incorporates a more modern aesthetic while retaining all of the important information and product news, updates, highlights, and videos that were on their previous site. It is streamlined and efficient, with easy navigation through the specific products and services New Era provides.

“We do such a wide variety of things here at New Era that it was challenging to make a site that was both comprehensive and accessible,” said Lembo. “Our team worked hard to overcome that challenge and I think they did a fantastic job. The site is easy to navigate and still provides the depth and breadth of information our customers are looking for.”

The website is accessible on all devices and will be updated regularly to keep its users informed about the company’s activities.