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Laminators, Embossers, and Calenders

Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom Equipment

New Era takes great care in the design of its clean room laminators, embossers and calenders to both minimize the number of debris generating components on the equipment as well as shroud any moving components under enclosures. This leaves a clean configuration between the frames, with all machine members being of nickel plated and stainless steel construction and in some cased painted steel depending on the level of clean room.   In addition to materials of construction, special attention is paid to the design, isolating debris generating components and utilizing air handling systems to evacuate any debris form the area.  There are a wide variety of markets for which clean room equipment is required, including food packaging, pharmaceutical, electronics and medical, and each has its own specific requirements.   


Clean room levels

ISO Class 5 – ISO Class 8

Web widths

Up to 20′ Wide

Line speeds

Up to 3000 FPM