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Web Converting Systems

Hydrogen MEDIA Roll to Roll Equipment

Hydrogen Media Roll to Roll Equipment

New Era has built a reputation in the roll to roll manufacturing space by providing purpose built solutions for a wide variety of web based substrates.  This background lends itself well in the quickly evolving hydrogen membrane and separator markets where a wide array of emerging technologies require unique and innovative manufacturing solutions.  

Our web handling experience with a wide range of materials which can be handled in roll-to-roll format has provided the tools for New Era to help converters determine the best way to manufacture their products.  New Era can design and manufacture pilot and production equipment for coating, drying and laminating systems used in the production of materials for the hydrogen market.   

Example of Hydrogen Media Unwind and Rewind Equipment

New Era provides turnkey solutions for a wide variety of energy sector roll to roll equipment installations.  Typically our customers needs in terms of production are highly specialized, allowing our team of engineers and our process specialists to add significant value as we develop a machine purpose built for the application.   

Example of a Roll to Roll Machine for Hydrogen Substrates

Our years of web handling and coating experience, in conjunction with our pilot coating and drying facility, allow us to provide a single source solution, covering all aspects of a new pilot or production line.  New Era’s customer’s often have the need for highly specialized web processing lines that require a great degree of customization and our staff has the experience and expertise to work with the customer in developing and implementing the process required to meet their needs.