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New Era Converting Machinery Inc. Releases New Video Showing High Speed, Wide Web Turret Unwind Performing Automatic Roll Changeovers at Full Production Speeds

Video Shot Onsite at Evergreen Packaging, Waynesville, NC; Evergreen Management Says New Era Machinery “Improved Operations Dramatically”

Paterson, NJ (February 26, 2015) . . . New Era Converting Machinery Inc. has released a video showing its high speed, wide web turret unwind in operation, performing automatic roll changeovers at full production speeds. Shot on location at paperboard packaging manufacturer Evergreen Packaging in Waynesville, NC, the New Era equipment is shown splicing and unwinding 14,000 lb. rolls of paper and changing rolls ‘on the fly’ with no downtime in production.

Managers from the Waynesville plant appear in the video explaining how the New Era machinery has ‘improved operations dramatically’ at their plant by helping them achieve a 99.5% or better success rate of splices, including those missed due to operator error or material defects.

New Era’s machinery handles the unwinding, splicing and infeed tension sections of the Evergreen paper coating and laminating production line. After a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was completed on this unwind at New Era’s facility, it was integrated into the existing Evergreen production line during a 24/7 turnkey installation managed by New Era. The robust system is designed to unwind 14,000 lb. rolls of paper at up to 1400 feet per minute.

The new video is posted on New Era’s YouTube site under the title ‘Evergreen Packaging Testimonial’ at:


About New Era Converting Machinery Inc.

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