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Selecting an Unwind and Unwind Splicer System – Part 4 of 4

The following is the final part in a series of 4 blogs that has gone through a white paper written by New Era Converting Machinery’s Bob Pasquale. The white paper is titled “Selecting an Unwind and Unwind Splicer System.” Part 1 offered an overview of the entire paper and what to expect in coming blogs. …Read More

New Era Converting Machinery Inc. Releases New Video Showing High Speed, Wide Web Turret Unwind Performing Automatic Roll Changeovers at Full Production Speeds

Video Shot Onsite at Evergreen Packaging, Waynesville, NC; Evergreen Management Says New Era Machinery “Improved Operations Dramatically” Paterson, NJ (February 26, 2015) . . . New Era Converting Machinery Inc. has released a video showing its high speed, wide web turret unwind in operation, performing automatic roll changeovers at full production speeds. Shot on location …Read More